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  1. Big game
    Hey guys, Like the title says I Drew out for the late season cow elk on the Cache Richards Hollow unit. I am looking for any info I can get on this particular area. I am NOT asking for a handout but I would be very appreciative if someone could tell me a general area to focus my search? I have...
  2. Big game
    I just got my tag for hunt EA1219. Beaver North Antlerless Elk. Aug 1st - Aug 11th. Any Legal Weapon... before Archery! I hope that gives me an advantage but I need to know where I can find these elk during the warmer months and what areas to use as access points. Any information would be very...
  3. Big game
    For the first time ever, I drew an antlerless permit for the Wasatch in Park City where I reside, and I'm trying to find a private landowner who might offer permission for a competent lady hunter to harvest a cow elk this season. Also, can anyone offer advice for access on this unit?
  4. Big game
    Can someone tell me why in the points reports for the antlerless draw it often seems that some permits will "fall through" to a lower point group? Just for example, in Hunt 2000, Box Elder, West Bear River (see picture), only 7 permits rather than all remaining 14 are awarded among the 42...
1-4 of 4 Results