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  1. Big game
    Had a tough time deciding whether to chase spikes/cows or bulls this year with my bow. The decision was whether I wanted the (mostly) sure bet of getting into cows/spikes on the spike unit in my backyard, or take my chances at getting an opportunity at a bull on the any bull unit with a decent...
  2. Big game
    Been hunting for years but am trying to find a new location to start. We have a few hunters putting in for the LE and will be starting this spring as soon as the snow melts. Really just looking for any tips or starting points on this unit. PM's are welcome thanks in advance.
  3. Big game
    The archery hunt has only been open for less than a week and it's pre rut, but has anyone heard some vocal bulls yet?
  4. Big game
    I was posted up on a mid-mountain bench Sunday afternoon, waiting for game to pass through the area, when a cow elk and her calf suddenly appeared 40 yards ahead and closing directly on me, I mean coming RIGHT to me. Worried that they would wind me or present nothing more optimal than a facing...
  5. Big game
    Hey guys during my pre-season scouting I found several watering holes/wallows the elk were hitting back in June/July. Last night, I was sitting over one of the spots I scouted and heard a freight train coming through the woods. I came to full draw, and unfortunately it was a young cow moose...
  6. Big game
    Hey guys, I'm new here to the Forums, 24 Year old From Payson, UT. I just got a call last week from the Fish and Game, Someone Surrendered their LE Tag and i was next on the list! Luckily I've already been Scouting the Elk on this Unit for My uncle who also has a tag. I thought I'd Post Some...
  7. Big game
    Hey all, Well, i'm lucky enough to have two buddies that got hits on the cc for the Wasatch Archery tag this year. They're both great guys and I couldn't be more excited to help them out! They'll both be going at it with the ole stick bows so it should be an awesome hunt! Were still trying to...
1-7 of 7 Results