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  1. Big game
    Hello I drew a Pang/Zion fall bear tag this year and I am planning on going the bait route. I live in Saint George and due to that I would like to bait as close as possible to Saint George since I don’t get a whole lot of time off with my job. I’ve got some bait site recommendations from people...
  2. Hunting dogs
    Is their a open pursuit on the la sal or is it just restricted? And what are the dates?
  3. Big game
    Is anyone willing to run dogs for a bear in San Juan Elk Ridge for a college student?
  4. Big game
    So we had our most recent day chasing elk destroyed by a pack of happy dogs, 2nd week in a row. First off, know that I want the bear guys to be able to do their thing, but we had 2 promising days destroyed. My son has a LE wasatch elk tag, with school and work our days are limited. We did a...
  5. Other kinds of animals
    Hey everyone, I thought I would share this as a reminder of knowing the basic shooting safety precautions! Let me preface by saying I have never had a bad experience with any UTAH Hunter. I am sure there are some bad ones but for the most part everyone is willing to help out and try to make...
  6. Big game
    Taylor Call won a spring Boulder Mountain Bear tag up at the Western Conservation and Hunting Expo this year, he contacted me to tag along and film his hunt and decided to use Wade Hollerman of Pine Valley Outfitters as his houndsman. Check out our hunt, I think you will...
1-6 of 6 Results