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  1. Big game
    I have a question, I don't feel entitled to any replies but, you won't know unless you ask. My dad got a Book Cliffs Muzzleloader Mule deer expo tag this year so he is out there right now. From what he has seen the last few days and from earlier scouting, he's under the impression that the...
  2. Other kinds of animals
    Hey guys I am down to just a couple of weeks until I will be able to start baiting for my fall bear hunt. I have the Fall Archery Book Cliffs tag. I am looking for places that I can put my bait sites and just realized I don't really know what I am looking for. Should I be trying to find a spot...
  3. Archery
    Hey guys I just got a call and it looks like I was next in line for the fall Book Cliffs Roadless LE bear hunt tag that got turned in. I got the archery only tag. If anyone could give me some advice on this hunt it would be much appreciated. I have never even been down in this unit so any info...
1-3 of 3 Results