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  1. General hunting and hunting gear
    I have a Badlands 2200 backpack with the built-in "meat shelf", but I have never used it to pack out meat. I drew an early rifle elk tag for the Boulder unit this year and I am hoping to have to pack out a big bull. Does anyone have experience using the Badlands meat shelf for packing out...
  2. Big game
    I am expecting to draw the muzzleloader antelope tag on the plateau unit this year. Has anyone hunted this unit the last couple years? Have the number of antelope improved? Any good stories about hunting lopes in this unit?
  3. Big game
    So...after many years of trying to decide when to pull the plug and use my points for my "once in a lifetime" Utah LE archery elk hunt, I have decided this year to put in for the Boulders. While I will hunt with any weapon, I killed my first deer and my first elk with a bow and I really would...
1-3 of 3 Results