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  1. General hunting and hunting gear
    Hello Folks, I'm going to start scouting the Fish Lake area in earnest starting this weekend if possible. I have a few general questions about the area if anyone is willing to educate me. 1. Is there any cell service? I have kids coming to join me and may need to update them on our location or...
  2. Big game
    Hello This'll be my first year hunting and I'm very excited! I have a bull elk tag and have begun scouting some areas in the Uintas where I had hoped to see some Elk roaming, perhaps. I saw a moose right by Great Provo River camping area, but unfortunately, no Elk...yet. So I'm not sure...
  3. The great outdoors
    Has anyone been up High Creek canyon in Cache County lately?? Everything I can find on it is at least 4 years old.... Just wondering if there's any good fishing if we camp next to the creek. >>O>>O>>O
  4. Everything else
    Hey there, I am training and planning a 30 day survival/bug out quest here in utah county along the wasatch front or in the west desert. Havent decided on the geographic location but hopefully will soon. I want to film the entire quest, and will be using primitive techniques along with some...
  5. Everything else
    I know that camping season is ending/over, but I'm planning for next year! Does anybody know good places to do primitive camping within Davis and southern Weber counties? Also, any good tips on how I know if land is public or private? (can't seem to find this on the BLM site, just a map of the...
1-5 of 5 Results