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  1. Hunting dogs
    Does anyone have a veterinarian in the Salt Lake valley that you like? I am looking for a vet who regularly sees working dogs, or at least is familiar with hunting dogs (and not so judgmental). Also a office with a stable staff would be great. At the vets office that I currently go to I see a...
  2. Big game
    My weim Duke is a great duck hunter....Yes I know what your thinking, but we are from Alabama and the weather is much warmer come duck season (for the most part). Anyways, I want to get him into shed hunting as he's a great retriever. Does anyone have any shed(s) they can give me for training...
  3. Other kinds of animals
    I was looking for some spike elk and some grouse when I called in this young pup making cow noises. I only had my shotgun and he was dumb enough to let me walk within shotgun range.
1-3 of 5 Results