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  1. Big game
    I have 3 points for antlerless elk. I have been looking at http://www.trophyunit.com/ today to determine draw odds and harvest percentages. I am in the Pleasant Grove area, so I am hoping to stay 1-2 hours driving distance of the unit I plan to hunt. I saw West Heber had good harvest percentage...
  2. Big game
    With the draw rapidly approaching it's time to figure out what to do. When I was young and dumb, I wanted to hunt pronghorn. When I was a little bit older, I decided that I should have been putting in for elk points to get a chance to harvest a good bull. Now, I can draw on the pronghorn...
  3. Big game
    Just a heads up if you want to see if your a winner or a loser on the draw, and dont want to check or not getting emails just go to www.utah-hunt.com and login.. I hope everyone has better luck then i did :(
  4. Archery
    Hey guys, So this will be my second Elk hunt. Last year i went up near park city on a general any weapon bull tag but no luck. This year i really want to start hunting with my bow. I need some advice, any recomendations on a good unit for me to start on, whats the easiest to draw out on, and...
1-4 of 4 Results