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  1. Big game
    My wife Drew the Early Rifle Dutton Tag and my family and I are headed down for a scouting trip over the 24th of July for 3-4 days. My question being, in the past how are the main roads for traveling with full size truck and a lifted gooseneck horse trailer? We are planning on spending our...
  2. Big game
    I'm guilty of reading and not posting. But I asked for advice on here and had some great feedback so I promised I'd report my success and some lessons learned. I had a Spike Elk tag + a Buck Deer Tag. My goal was to get my 9 yr old son on the hunts more with me this year. He's obsessed and...
  3. Big game
    I have been a Utah Elk spike hunter for 15 years and did not fill my limited entry elk tag last year so looking to get out in a Any Bull unit with a multi-season tag this year. Have hunted the Wasatch Mountains spike unit my whole life but no Any Bull unit experience....can anyone give me some...
  4. Big game
    Hey there, new to the Forum and glad I found it. Never really been a forum guy but there is so much useful info on here I just had to sign up and hopefully meet like minded outdoorsmen! I am curious, after reading some older posts, but what is your prefered animal to hunt between Elk and Deer...
  5. Big game
    Hey guys, Like the title says I Drew out for the late season cow elk on the Cache Richards Hollow unit. I am looking for any info I can get on this particular area. I am NOT asking for a handout but I would be very appreciative if someone could tell me a general area to focus my search? I have...
  6. Big game
    Hi all, Im somewhat new to this forum and all forums in general. Please forgive my possible lack of forum etiquette if I make any mistakes please let me know where I need improvement. I have posted a few times before and haven't gotten any responses. I figure I must be doing something wrong...
  7. Big game
    Looking for a hunting buddy, that aint scared to put some miles on their boots and want's to explore. I mostly hunt muzzy, usually on the manti, oquirrh stansbury, and currant creek east units. Help me help you out! PM if you're interested.
  8. Big game
    I read somewhere that new foliage attracts wildlife. Have any of you had experience hunting elk on land that was hit recently by fire? Seen more elk than normal going after young plants?
  9. Big game
    My latest short film dedicated to the sounds of September & our majestic Rocky Mountain Elk. I hope it gets you pumped up for this September!! Enjoy.http://www.i-videowildlife.com/our-obsessions/-september-call-kelly-cox Thanks for watching! Kelly Cox
  10. Big game
    Hey everyone, My buddy just got a hold of three depredation elk tags (cow) that are good through the end of the year for some private land out in the Duchesne/Roosevelt area. We were able to go out only once last year but only found some deer and no elk. This year we're getting an early...
  11. Big game
    Hello, i'm trying to find out area's where to go elk hunting before the season is over. I didn't have time to scout this year
  12. Big game
    Short video & description of the history me and a few friends had with a Giant 400" plus Utah bull over 4 year span. Enjoy....http://www.i-videowildlife.com/our-obsessions/tribute-to-mr-bull Thanks for watching! Kelly Cox www.i-videowildlife.com
1-12 of 12 Results