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  1. Big game
    My latest short film dedicated to the sounds of September & our majestic Rocky Mountain Elk. I hope it gets you pumped up for this September!! Enjoy.http://www.i-videowildlife.com/our-obsessions/-september-call-kelly-cox Thanks for watching! Kelly Cox
  2. Big game
    Hey guys, I'm new here to the Forums, 24 Year old From Payson, UT. I just got a call last week from the Fish and Game, Someone Surrendered their LE Tag and i was next on the list! Luckily I've already been Scouting the Elk on this Unit for My uncle who also has a tag. I thought I'd Post Some...
  3. Archery
    Hello everyone, I'm a new user so I apologize in advance if my following questions have been answered, based on my searches it doesn't look like there has been a discussion on this particular area too recently. Anyway, I'm a lifelong whitetail hunter from the mid-west who moved to Utah three...
  4. Big game
    Long time archery/Deer hunter, First time Elk/rifle hunter. I just drew my first elk tag and better yet its my first rifle tag as well. I drew the antlerless Elk Central Mtns, North Manti riffle tag, Any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated. Would I have better luck doing a spot and...
  5. General hunting and hunting gear
    I have a couple of elk teeth sitting around and want to get a ring made. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I should take them?
  6. Big game
    Here is my Nebo muzzy bull. He wasn't the biggest bull on the mountain, but I suppose a trophy is in the eye of the beholder. After we filtered through 5 or 6 bulls on opening day, I was lucky enough to close the deal on him the second morning. A hunt that i'll never forget!
  7. Big game
    I have filmed this bull since 2012, join us on one hell of a hunt in 2014 for this giant 7x5!! Link To Hunt Video...http://www.i-videowildlife.com/our-obsessions/the-giant-5x5-is-down-kelly-cox Thanks for watching!! Kelly Cox www.i-videowildlife.com
  8. Big game
    Short video & description of the history me and a few friends had with a Giant 400" plus Utah bull over 4 year span. Enjoy....http://www.i-videowildlife.com/our-obsessions/tribute-to-mr-bull Thanks for watching! Kelly Cox www.i-videowildlife.com
  9. Big game
    For the first time ever, I drew an antlerless permit for the Wasatch in Park City where I reside, and I'm trying to find a private landowner who might offer permission for a competent lady hunter to harvest a cow elk this season. Also, can anyone offer advice for access on this unit?
  10. Big game
    Hey y'all! I recently drew out for the '14 youth elk hunt. My dad use to do some deer hunting above bountiful but not so much experience in the elk field. I was just seeing if someone could help me out by telling me a good area to find an elk. I'm not looking to take a trophy just an elk that...
  11. Big game
    I drew my Archery Elk Tag for the La Sal Mountains. I am getting geared up for my first scouting trip here in a couple weeks. Its been a number of years since I was last down there deer hunting but never been there for elk. What do people think of the Unit for Elk? I know there is a lot of...
  12. Big game
    My son and I just drew out for our LE Meadowville, Cache Elk Hunt, and I'm looking for advise/contacts with people and landowners up there that can help us hunt this area.
  13. Archery
    Since I am new to bow hunting and have gotten so much great advice from all of you in the past few months, I thought I would try again. Now, I know that everyone and their cousin is gonna have an oppinion on this, so please refrain from answering unless you really do have experience and knowldge...
  14. Muzzleloaders
    Let's say it's September, you're 200 yards away from the bull of a lifetime and getting closer is not happening. No wind, broadside shot. It's muzzleloader season, and you've got the permit in your pocket. Shooting a .50 cal rifle with 1:28 twist. Now rewind 4 months to June. You're getting...
  15. Big game
    So...after many years of trying to decide when to pull the plug and use my points for my "once in a lifetime" Utah LE archery elk hunt, I have decided this year to put in for the Boulders. While I will hunt with any weapon, I killed my first deer and my first elk with a bow and I really would...
  16. Archery
    Hey guys, So this will be my second Elk hunt. Last year i went up near park city on a general any weapon bull tag but no luck. This year i really want to start hunting with my bow. I need some advice, any recomendations on a good unit for me to start on, whats the easiest to draw out on, and...
  17. Big game
    Here is a 3 minute highlight video from my 2013 season Lion, Bear, Elk, Deer & Bighorns. Enjoy.. Consider Subscribing to my channel: http://www.youtube.c...e?feature=watch Kelly Cox http://www.i-videowildlife.com
  18. Big game
    It was another great year. Lost the footage from my spike and buck hunt that was on my phone. Mobile device version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RmDdcP3oao Full PC version longer with some music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhakqxzMtM4
  19. Hunting outside Utah
    Hey guys - Have a question for ya Wyoming hunters. I am a 32 year old Utah father of 4. I have 3 elk points. I am trying to decide what units to look at that I may be able to draw with 3 to 5 points. I am not wanting to sit around for 15 years before I draw a tag. I want to hunt while I can...
  20. Big game
    I had the opportunity to follow along with the Englestead family for one exciting day of "Elk Encounters" on the Beaver mountains during a 2013 Muzzy hunt. I had to return to work but the Englesteads stayed after this giant bull and finally him down. I filmed part of the hunt and did all the...
41-60 of 74 Results