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  1. General fishing & questions
    So I recently got into trout, and was wondering if there are any close by small lakes good for fishing besides little dell that are within an hour of slc
  2. General fishing & questions
    I’ll be at Bear Lake mid June and was thinking back to fishing for mirror and common carp at the scout camp up there. That place is private and I’m looking at chasing them on the fly during my stay. Any recommendations for good flats or marshes to check out? Hit me with a PM. (The closer to...
  3. General fishing & questions
    This was upsetting hearing about this tonight. It drastically reduces the amount of options and bodies of water since you are no longer allowed to visit state parks outside of the county you reside in. Any guesses on how long this will last? Will Utah reimburse boat registrations if it extend...
  4. Fishing trip reports
    Just started fishing for the bigger and more specialized fish species in Utah after having been a Provo River fly-fisherman and Strawberry/Soldier Creek trout fisherman for the last 30 years. I have been after Tiger muskies for several months now at Pineview with no luck. Last Friday I finally...
  5. General fishing & questions
    Now that schools out for the summer, I'm gonna be headed up to the berry for a little fishing action this next weekend with one of my buddies. Planning on fishing all day saturday and sunday. I've never been fishing at the berry (well I went once after I had shot my buck), and was wondering if...
  6. General fishing & questions
    We had a ton of fun and a ton of laughs down on Lake Powell April 28th. Hope you enjoy the video and please subscribe to the YouTube Channel!
  7. The great outdoors
    Has anyone been up High Creek canyon in Cache County lately?? Everything I can find on it is at least 4 years old.... Just wondering if there's any good fishing if we camp next to the creek. >>O>>O>>O
  8. General fishing & questions
    I am new to fishing this reservoir. Most my fishing happens in Utah county, but tomorrow I am taking my Mother-in-law, wife, and her sister up fishing. Any pointers and a good spot to take them to on the reservoir? Also, I did notice Box Elder creek and Big creek nearby. Can I fish these with a...
  9. General fishing & questions
    Making Memories with my oldest daughter. Landing a few lunkers out of Utah's Flaming Gorge. Consider subscribing to the i-Video Wildlife YouTube Channel. Enjoy...
  10. Fishing trip reports
    Had a great day on the water fishing with my dad, here is a short video showing what worked for us & what the conditions were. Consider subscribing to the YouTube channel Enjoy... Kelly
  11. General fishing & questions
    My brother and I are thinking about heading up to Bear Lake in a couple of weeks, and have never been. I don't know much about it up there and just wanted to get some tips on whether shore fishing is ideal or if we should try to get a boat on the water as well as bait suggestions. Any help is...
  12. Fishing trip reports
    Crew, All I found was a bunch of rats like this on at Deer Creek, but we caught a dozen of them so it was fun. Here is the link to the baits we used, and where we caught them if anyone is interested: Deer Creek Fishing Report
  13. The great outdoors
    Does anyone have any good suggestions for a primitive camping spot by good fishing water (either a lake or river)??? We have done the campground thing and it is not for us. We need a nice quite spot away from others but it has to be by water for fishing, my husbands only requirement. Oh and...
  14. General fishing & questions
    My dad and I had to make a quick trip to Yuba for Pike. Fishing was slow in general but dad did nail this big old toothy pike. Enjoy the short video and all the pics: http://www.i-videowildlife.com/1/post/2014/04/big-teethy-northern-pike-yuba-reservoir-utah.html Kelly Cox www.i-videowildlife.com
  15. Introductions
    Hi all! Well I have been lurking around on the site trying to convince myself that there will be some good hunting and fishing in my future as I am leaving Washington State to move closer to all of my wife's family and look for a job as a brand new registered nurse. I believe that for most...
  16. Fishing trip reports
    My friend and I had another amazing trip out on the water. The place is awesome right now. They are feeding heavy getting ready for the winter! Here is the link to the full write up on my blog of where we went, and what we used, so you can get out there and catch some! October Bass Fishing...
  17. Fishing trip reports
    Went out with my wife on the water at Sand Hollow Last Night. She officially caught her first bass "all by herself." It was super good times. We caught about 15 between the two of us, and had a lot get off. The best bait for us was the shaky head worm. Here is the link to my blog to show you...
  18. General fishing & questions
    I fished at Gunnison Bend for a week, and caught nothing but carp (fun, but not what I was hoping for). I was wondering if anyone who fishes there often has any advice on where to fish and what to use. Any input would be appreciated:smile: P.M me or just comment. Thanks in advance...
  19. General fishing & questions
    Am I correct in saying that rush lake has no fish anymore? I havent been back since it was a little fishing gold-mine...:(
1-19 of 22 Results