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  1. General fishing & questions
    I’ll be at Bear Lake mid June and was thinking back to fishing for mirror and common carp at the scout camp up there. That place is private and I’m looking at chasing them on the fly during my stay. Any recommendations for good flats or marshes to check out? Hit me with a PM. (The closer to...
  2. General fishing & questions
    I am new to fishing this reservoir. Most my fishing happens in Utah county, but tomorrow I am taking my Mother-in-law, wife, and her sister up fishing. Any pointers and a good spot to take them to on the reservoir? Also, I did notice Box Elder creek and Big creek nearby. Can I fish these with a...
  3. Fishing trip reports
    Didn't try to ruffle feathers. Sorry people
  4. Fly fishing
    I am headed to the strawberry on Saturday. I would appreciate any info on ways you all have had success fishing there. Flies you used? What type of set up you've had success with? Any info will help, thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results