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  1. Big game
    Hey guys myself and one of my buddies I served in the marines overseas with are looking to get away from the crowds on the general archery elk next year...looking into heading up the basin toward Lake Atwood and was wondering if it was worth hiking that far in, or is it pretty crowded up there...
  2. Muzzleloaders
    I don't think you can be much more of a newbie than I am: first post here, first Utah elk hunt, first muzzleloader season. Planning on heading to the SW Desert unit. Any tips for this beginner?
  3. Muzzleloaders
    Hey All, Thought I would put this out to see if anyone else was looking for a hunting buddy. Of course I have my dad and brothers who may or may not be able to come with me for some time during the hunt but what I am looking to do here is find someone else that has a tag also to go with. I...
  4. Big game
    How did our 2013 Utah General Deer Season game plan turn out? Pretty dang good for a couple happy 13 year old boys. All the pic's and short story here...http://www.i-videowildlife.com/2013/10/so-how-did-our-utah-general-season-deer.html Kelly Cox www.i-videowildlife.com
1-4 of 4 Results