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  1. Big game
    I would like to share my LE hunting regrets in hopes of helping future lucky hunters and I hope you will share yours too. Whether you waited 20 years to draw a tag or lucked out in 2 you want to look back at that hunt (and hopefully that trophy on the wall) with fond memories. Going into your...
  2. Archery
    My brother has drawn the coveted Henry Mountain tag for this year. We are starting our scouting plans and are curious of good areas to camp and possibly start our scouting at? Anyone familiar with the area that knows of decent areas that we can get our 5th wheels into? I hear Mt. Ellen and...
  3. Big game
    Here is the video I put together for the 2013 Utah Sportsmans Tag holder Zach Mikesell. Summer Scouting getting him pumped for his awesome tag. No Guides, just family and friends going after a buck of a lifetime. Enjoy...
1-3 of 3 Results