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  1. Archery
    I am looking into doing a diy Black bear hunt in Idaho, seems to be the cheapest route, I'm from Kentucky an I screwed up my right to hunt with a rifle when I was younger, 10 years have passed an I wouldn't give up bow hunting anyhow, I'm worried about not being able to protect myself fully...
  2. Other kinds of animals
    To start off, I do recognize that wolf hunting is a very precarious pursuit. That being out of the way; I am going with a brother-in-law to the Island Park area to pursue wolves. But we are looking for some extra "tips/advice" in pursuing them. I have referenced the 2015 wolf monitoring report...
  3. Fly fishing
    Heading out to the Sun Valley, ID area for a long weekend. This is not a dedicated fishing trip, so I'll only get a couple chances to get out. I know nothing about the area, am a novice fisherman, and looking for some guidance on wading into a few recommended spots.. please!
  4. Hunting outside Utah
    What OTC units in Idaho have you hunted and what was your experience? Looking to buy an OTC tag and try some out of state hunting!
1-4 of 4 Results