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largemouth bass
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  1. Fishing trip reports
    Fished the Provo River inlet from the shore and caught this little stud flipping the timber monday morning. (check out the attachment pick) I also got chased by about 5 river otters! They looked well fed. I doubt this place will be worth visiting until those guys move out. Anyone caught any...
  2. Equipment
    Curious as to what everyone has found to be their best bass fishing patterns. I'm personally a huge fan of the shaky head. The thing always catches fish. Check out my post if you don't know how to put one together. Shaky Head Rig Krakenbass.com What's your go to bait in the fall? I'm anxious...
  3. Fishing trip reports
    Sand Hollow is so awesome right now for Largemouth Bass. They are still in their summer patterns. Check out my post on what I did out there this summer to catch a lot of fish. http://www.krakenbass.com/category/locations/sand-hollow/ If you have a free weekend or whatever, go catch some Bass...
21-23 of 23 Results