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  1. Big game
    Reading the Utah drawing procedure it says that if you draw a Limited Entry tag then you will NOT be included in the Once In A Lifetime draw you entered. I get that, to spread the joy around and not have an individual get both in the same year. But, what is NOT clear is if you will be awarded a...
  2. Big game
    Anyone else have a Cache LE Archery, Muzzleloader, or Rifle tag? I have gotten about 20 bulls on camera this year but oddly enough haven't found a single cow. I have tried to locate them as of late but having a rough time. I would love to talk with people that have had these tags, have them...
  3. Big game
    Hey guys, I'm new here to the Forums, 24 Year old From Payson, UT. I just got a call last week from the Fish and Game, Someone Surrendered their LE Tag and i was next on the list! Luckily I've already been Scouting the Elk on this Unit for My uncle who also has a tag. I thought I'd Post Some...
  4. Archery
    My brother has drawn the coveted Henry Mountain tag for this year. We are starting our scouting plans and are curious of good areas to camp and possibly start our scouting at? Anyone familiar with the area that knows of decent areas that we can get our 5th wheels into? I hear Mt. Ellen and...
  5. Big game
    Drew a Limited Entry Elk tag for 2013 in Cache, Meadowville (Randolph, UT) - any weapon, just putting a new topic out there to see if anyone can share some info about the area. I was the first resident alternate for the tag. Only had 2 points, feeling very lucky.
1-5 of 6 Results