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  1. Big game
    I have a small ranch in Sanpete County and like most of you, I love to see wildlife and I have hunted and fished basically since I was able to walk. I have passed this passion on to my sons as well and I have found great joy in finally seeing my boys at an age where they can now hunt themselves...
  2. Other kinds of animals
    Some of the best lion footage I have ever filmed! Take a minute to watch. Link: http://www.i-videowildlife.com/our-obsessions/cat-country-2-tom-on-the-rocks-kelly-cox Thanks Kelly Cox
  3. Big game
    Here is a 3 minute highlight video from my 2013 season Lion, Bear, Elk, Deer & Bighorns. Enjoy.. Consider Subscribing to my channel: http://www.youtube.c...e?feature=watch Kelly Cox http://www.i-videowildlife.com
  4. Other kinds of animals
    Here is the story and pics to one of the biggest Tom's I have seen killed in Utah for a long time. 200+/lbs and 7.5' Long, this is one big cat! Enjoy... http://www.i-videowildlife.com/2013/05/8-year-wait-for-200lb-tom-by-nick.html Kelly Cox www.i-videowildlife.com
1-4 of 4 Results