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  1. Big game
    I have a small ranch in Sanpete County and like most of you, I love to see wildlife and I have hunted and fished basically since I was able to walk. I have passed this passion on to my sons as well and I have found great joy in finally seeing my boys at an age where they can now hunt themselves...
  2. Big game
    I've applied for Manti early rifle season with 20pts so odds are I'll draw this year, after waiting "forever"! I put in for all these years in San Juan, as I lived there and trained horses every day in the hills, so knew what I wanted. But, I've moved into the manti unit and can scout a lot...
  3. Trading post
    Looking for a chill person to help scout the manti unit for some big bucks, i have never hunted the area before. i have atv's, trail cameras, etc. not afraid to put some miles on my boots. PM if interested. located in the salt lake valley.
  4. Big game
    My father and I drew big bull tags for Archery on the Central Manti and have been scouting and hunting our legs off and all we are finding is cows, spikes, and rag horn small bulls. The bulls appear to still be in bachelor groups in our opinions. They aren't talking yet either. We are just not...
1-4 of 4 Results