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  1. Big game
    Hi everyone. I got an antlerless moose tag as an alternate for MA1001 - East Canyon, Morgan-Summit, less than three weeks before it opened. The season dates are Sept 25 - Oct 24, 2021. I've looked east of Bountiful, east of Farmington, and in East Canyon State Park - Mormon Flats. I'm also...
  2. Big game
    I won the f-ing lottery. Some how I pulled a north slope summit moose tag with 18 points this year. I haven't spent a ton of time in this area throughout my life and its just far enough from home that its not super easy for me to get there and spend the kind of time scouting that I normally...
  3. Photos, video, trail cams
    Did you know that Utah only has one of the 4 moose species? We have the Shiras moose! What is a Shiras Moose? - Backyard Trail Camera
  4. Big game
    Hello all! I'm new to this forum but not new to the outdoors or hunting. After 23 years of applying I finally drew my Once-in-a-Lifetime Moose tag! I will be hunting the East Canyon unit, hunt #MB6002. My son and I have hunted deer and elk on this unit for years and have already been out...
  5. Big game
    Hi All, I'm relatively new to the forum. I just saw the CC hit for bull moose tag. Looks like I'm going to be hunting bull moose at the South Canyon CWMU this year. Getting the tag is a surprise for sure and I am super excited. When I applied it seemed like a good area with good success rates...
  6. Big game
    My bucket list hunts are listed below: - LE Bull Elk - Rocky Mountain OR Desert Bighorn - Pronghorn - Moose - Bison So far, my application strategy has been to apply for LE elk for the two years since I started hunting as well as Rocky Mt. Bighorn. I'll continue to put in for elk every year...
  7. Big game
    This Moose calf thought he was tough stuff.
  8. Big game
    My father has drawn out a wasatch bull moose tag, he is very excited. I'm trying to help him out in finding a big bull. Doing a lot of looking and am not coming up with any thing worth hunting (small bulls), wondering if what we are seeing is what he has to pick from or if I have been focused on...
1-8 of 8 Results