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  1. Big game
    Hello everyone. Just moved to Utah and looking at getting a OTC spike tag and try to take a cow during archery season in the Wassatch unit. Some meat for the freezer. I haven't gotten a chance to hunt elk yet, so looking foward to it. I have a few general questions if y'all would be willing to...
  2. Big game
    Hi there, I'm a novice hunter and planning to hunt the Panguitch Unit in 2019. I've hunted birds and small game but this will be my first big game hunt. I have a place in Brian Head but I'm a non-resident. I'll be using a rifle and looking to get a OTC tag. Not looking for a trophy. Cow...
  3. Big game
    Hi all, Im somewhat new to this forum and all forums in general. Please forgive my possible lack of forum etiquette if I make any mistakes please let me know where I need improvement. I have posted a few times before and haven't gotten any responses. I figure I must be doing something wrong...
  4. Hunting outside Utah
    What OTC units in Idaho have you hunted and what was your experience? Looking to buy an OTC tag and try some out of state hunting!
1-4 of 4 Results