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  1. Upland game
    we are looking for a place where we might be able to bring hunted pheasant and have someone dress it / prepare cuts of meat? We did it ourselves after our first hunt last week we had about 10 birds) but the neighbors weren’t psyched about it, and we probably lost a good deal of useable meat due...
  2. Upland game
    Generally new to hunting, done a few doves and rabbits, but looking at Pheasants as a new hobby. Although there almost seems to be a negative outlook on the pheasant game here in Utah. I'm born and raised in cache valley and wanted to know where my best luck would be found around here. Side...
  3. Upland game
    Thought I would share this video I did in 2012 during a pheasant hunt with my Dad, Father in law, brother and my 12 year old son, this was on a pheasant farm in central Utah. Good Luck to everyone this season!! Enjoy the...
1-3 of 3 Results