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  1. Big game
    I have a mountain goat tag!...and like most people have never hunted them before haha. Questions for y'all : 1. When do the Billies start hanging out with the Nannies? 2. The ol' internet says the Rut is in October-ish …. if I see a group of Nannies and kids in early September should I...
  2. Big game
    Hey Y'all, We'll be heading out for the tail end of the archery elk hunt later next week. A buddy of mine has already been out and reported that the elk have been bugling a decent amount. Who else has encountered a decent amount of bugling? Or have you found them to be more like ghosts (It...
  3. Big game
    He's Back!! We have 2 consecutive years of video footage of this monster bull, 2012 and 2013, one of the most impressive bull's I have seen! Enjoy the video...http://www.i-videowildlife.com/2013/10/hes-back-in-2013-monster-5x5.html Kelly Cox www.i-videowildlife.com
1-3 of 3 Results