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  1. Big game
    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has ever elk hunted Montezuma canyon/san Juan? If so was wondering if anyone had any advice for a Novice going to hunt OTC this October? Grew up deer hunting the Midwest which is quite a bit different. Thanks
  2. Big game
    Hey everybody, It must have been fat finger syndrome, but I meant to put in for all southern utah choices and ended up drawing the Ogden rifle deer tag. I live in Nevada, this will be my first Utah hunt and was planning on weekly scouting trips if drawn. I was going to turn the tag back in at...
  3. Archery
    As I have been coming up on the new year, I have started to think more and more about getting in better shape. I want this to also include being in better shape for hunting. This is going to be my first hunting season doing archery. I thought I would ask for some advice from those veterans on...
1-3 of 3 Results