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  1. Introductions
    Hello, My name is John Tabish I have recently completed all of my trapping education and I am struggling finding a field day in Utah let alone my area. I live in Heber City and am willing to travel to get my trapping license completed. Does anyone host field days? have any information regarding...
  2. Other kinds of animals
    Caught this grey in a trap yesterday. Trap was exposed and not buried in anyway... Was set up for bobcats.. I have often heard canines wont step on an exposed trap, but grey foxes mostly hunt like a cat does... So how often can foxes be caught in an exposed trap?
  3. Upland game
    I was born and raised in California where guns are the devil (no stones please, ive changed my ways) and I've lived in Idaho and Utah for the last 5 years and I'm finally feeling the itch to start hunting. I don't want to get into big game because I'd have nowhere to store the meat, but I've got...
  4. Other kinds of animals
    Hey, I have been trapping for awhile, even patented some snares through my company. But now I want to start trapping the fur bearer required animals. I have contacted the state, they say a class is required, i go on the website to take the class and right on the website it says Utah does not...
  5. Other kinds of animals
    Hey there everyone, I am the CEO and Founder of a hunting and survival company here in Utah called Rocky Mountain ********. We have multiple Pro staff who are interested in getting their Furbearer license but apparently there is a class we have to take beforehand. I have contacted the DNR and...
  6. Other kinds of animals
    I've just gotten into trapping and predator hunting. I've heard the first snow/freeze is a good time to start trapping, but when would you recommend to start/stop trapping/coyote hunting? Thanks! HunterTanner
  7. Other kinds of animals
    I have 10 quail that frequent my yard. I like them and want to keep them around. The problem is that they are stealing all of my bait out of my dog proof raccoon traps. The current bait is mini marshmallows, with a healthy topping of corn syrup, honey, and vanilla. Has anyone trapped raccoons...
  8. Other kinds of animals
    I was looking into trapping raccoon, but the guidebook was very confusing about whether or not you can trap raccoon in Utah. It gives the link to some website (also very confusing) and so I was wondering if anyone out there knows for sure. Thanks, HunterTanner
1-8 of 8 Results