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  1. Upland game
    Just wondering if anyone has experience hunting turkeys around fish lake. Not looking for anyone to give up their secret spot, just hoping to find out if there are birds in the area before making the drive out there. I live in Cedar City so it's a decently long drive. Thanks in advance.
  2. Upland game
    Does anyone have a contact for someone that I can reach out to to hunt Turkeys in the fall in the Eden, Liberty, Huntsville area? Feel Free to DM me. Thanks
  3. Archery
    Hey guys, I’ve tried selling my crossbow on KSL and LetGo.com, and no luck so far. I need the $$ for the upcoming hunting seasons. It’s a Stryker Solution Crossbow, brand new! No kidding I haven’t shot it more than 10 times. It comes with a scope, draw rope, manuals, and 4 bolts. If you are...
  4. Upland game
    Hi everyone, I'm about to get out to start scouting for turkey up in the Northern Region (I'm in Davis County). I was looking at Hardware Ranch and Echo Henefer WMA. I'm not asking for your spot, but if anyone can let me know if I'm way off the mark even trying to scout either location that...
  5. Upland game
    I put in for LE Wild Turkey for the southern unit. I have seen turkey's out hunting for elk in some places in the southern unit. But I have also never hunted wild turkey. I am not looking for anyone's secret spot as I have a good idea of where to look. But if anyone has any info on where the...
  6. Trading post
    I have a Remington 870 SPS-T 12 guage turkey shotgun for sale. It is all camo with a thumbhole grip, truglo rifle sites, sling, and a Remington Super Full Turkey Choke. It is in very good shape but does have a few spots where the camo has started to rub off like all other camo guns. The worst...
  7. Upland game
    I'm new to hunting and this spring I'm going turkey hunting with a bow and was wondering, not just the general area where turkeys hang out, but where you have personally shot a turkey and if it would be better if I use a blind or ghillie suit/camo?
  8. Upland game
    If you are a youth hunter or a parent who enjoys taking their kid hunting I think you will enjoy this one. Enjoy: Thanks for watching, share with your kids the great outdoors. Kelly Cox www.i-videowildlife.com
  9. Upland game
    First time hunting ever and I'm starting with turkey. So I have a question. . . I plan on (if I get a bird) breasting it out right after the kill at my campsite, so what do I do with my tag, and do I just leave the carcass where I shot it? What is the process after I shoot the bird? I'll have a...
  10. Archery
    With the turkey hunt in full swing, I was just wondering how everyone was doing on the turkey hunt, success or no success? Pictures? Thanks
  11. Upland game
    I spent TONZ of time in the bush this season. We found a couple birds but they were in Urban non hunting areas. Where should we go next year. We went to Middle canyon, Oak City, Hobble Creek, Payson, Spanish Fork. Maybe go south? I think that I should have come across alot more birds for the...
1-11 of 12 Results