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  1. Upland game
    Like the title says, the Dove Opener is on a Sunday. I cant remember if that throws it off and it might be a day early or a day later? I cant remember if there was a special rule on that. I've checked DWR website and its only got info for last season, anyone know more on this?
  2. Upland game
    Hey All, I'm working with the Division of Wildlife to increase awareness for the Utah Upland Game Slam. Not sure if you're aware of the slam or not, more info on the new website. There are specific slams for certain species groups as well as an ultimate slam. We'll be growing an online...
  3. Upland game
    I was born and raised in California where guns are the devil (no stones please, ive changed my ways) and I've lived in Idaho and Utah for the last 5 years and I'm finally feeling the itch to start hunting. I don't want to get into big game because I'd have nowhere to store the meat, but I've got...
  4. Upland game
    Thought I would share this video I did in 2012 during a pheasant hunt with my Dad, Father in law, brother and my 12 year old son, this was on a pheasant farm in central Utah. Good Luck to everyone this season!! Enjoy the...
1-4 of 4 Results