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  1. Fishing trip reports
    Hey Y'all. Been a hot minute since I've even looked at a forum. Just busy trying to not die thanks to covid with rollercoaster results. Before my next downward turn, I'm hoping to get out for the white bass spawn. I know there was a big winter kill this year but I haven't been seeing anything...
  2. General fishing & questions
    I’ve been wanting to up my game fishing for catfish on Utah lake lately and was wondering which is better. Is it better to fish baits on the bottom, or suspended from a float? Does the type of bait determine what method to use?
  3. Waterfowl
    Well, last year was my first year hunting..needless to say, I'm addicted. With waterfowl season coming up i'm itchin to go again.. can't wait! So I guess I'm a foot soldier, no boat.. YET! But I got a big ol bag to haul a dozen duck decoys around. I went to BRBR once last year and had a good...
  4. Fishing trip reports
    Fished the Provo River inlet from the shore and caught this little stud flipping the timber monday morning. (check out the attachment pick) I also got chased by about 5 river otters! They looked well fed. I doubt this place will be worth visiting until those guys move out. Anyone caught any...
1-4 of 4 Results