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  1. Archery
    Hey All, New to the forum. The discussions here have been enlightening. I haven't found a discussion on this specific topic so I thought I'd make one. I know we all can be protective over our hunting stashes, but I'm curious for some direction or enlightenment about the Kamas Unit: Archery...
  2. General fishing & questions
    From dynamite to fishing with corn the rules and regulation of fishing in Utah have changed a lot since 1853. I searched out all the years laws and proclamations and put them in one article with a bunch of fishing history thrown in. Please give it a read and let me know what you think...
  3. Big game
    I just got my tag for hunt EA1219. Beaver North Antlerless Elk. Aug 1st - Aug 11th. Any Legal Weapon... before Archery! I hope that gives me an advantage but I need to know where I can find these elk during the warmer months and what areas to use as access points. Any information would be very...
  4. Other kinds of animals
    Hey Everyone, I am fairly new to the hunting gig and want to learn so much more. So if anyone is willing to share an email with me and is okay with answering a million questions in general about hunting I'd appreciate it :mrgreen: HOWEVER! My question is about going after coyotes in the Cache...
  5. Big game
    Hey all! New to the forum and Elk Hunting. Local boy from St. George. I've hunted deer before here in So. Utah, but decided to try muzzleloader Spike Elk this year. The season dates are Nov 1 through Nov 9. Thinking about going up on the Panguitch Lake unit, but am not sure. Would be glad to...
  6. General fishing & questions
    Making Memories with my oldest daughter. Landing a few lunkers out of Utah's Flaming Gorge. Consider subscribing to the i-Video Wildlife YouTube Channel. Enjoy...
  7. Fishing trip reports
    Had a great day on the water fishing with my dad, here is a short video showing what worked for us & what the conditions were. Consider subscribing to the YouTube channel Enjoy... Kelly
  8. Other kinds of animals
    I was able to following along with Jeff Long on his dream hunt of getting a giant mountain lion, using his brothers 243 rifle who recently passed away just 15 months prior. Enjoy...http://www.i-videowildlife.com/lions-bears-predators Thanks for watching! Kelly Cox
  9. Fishing trip reports
    East Canyon fishing was horribly slow today. Only had a couple of fish even appear on the flasher. We tried everything we could think of with no success. Every other angler I spoke to had similar results. Ice 5-7" at depths up to 30'.
  10. Big game
    Here is a little big buck footage for everyone to get you all wound up tight for the rifle deer season!! Also check out the Hat For A Hunt... Enjoy...http://www.i-videowildlife.com/deer Thanks for watching! Kelly Cox
  11. Big game
    Hi, New to hunting forums and new to elk hunting. I am looking into purchasing a 2015 general season spike only tag for the Oquirrh-Stansbury unit. I have heard that I might run into a lot of restricted or private property areas? I have wheelers I would like to take with me to retrieve my...
  12. Big game
    My latest short film dedicated to the sounds of September & our majestic Rocky Mountain Elk. I hope it gets you pumped up for this September!! Enjoy.http://www.i-videowildlife.com/our-obsessions/-september-call-kelly-cox Thanks for watching! Kelly Cox
  13. Other kinds of animals
    Some of the best lion footage I have ever filmed! Take a minute to watch. Link: http://www.i-videowildlife.com/our-obsessions/cat-country-2-tom-on-the-rocks-kelly-cox Thanks Kelly Cox
  14. Big game
    Well we made a video of my wifes CWMU hunt last week. I hope you enjoy it. I know we did. Laurel's First Deer Hunt from Troutsmith Films on Vimeo.
  15. Big game
    I have filmed this bull since 2012, join us on one hell of a hunt in 2014 for this giant 7x5!! Link To Hunt Video...http://www.i-videowildlife.com/our-obsessions/the-giant-5x5-is-down-kelly-cox Thanks for watching!! Kelly Cox www.i-videowildlife.com
  16. Big game
    Short video & description of the history me and a few friends had with a Giant 400" plus Utah bull over 4 year span. Enjoy....http://www.i-videowildlife.com/our-obsessions/tribute-to-mr-bull Thanks for watching! Kelly Cox www.i-videowildlife.com
  17. Big game
    A little over 1 year ago today, I was fortunate enough to be part of this great hunt. As the video shows we spent lots of time scouting the famous Henry Mountains and seen tons of great bucks. Zach Mikesell punched his tag on this giant 239" monster. Enjoy the...
  18. Big game
    Taylor Call won a spring Boulder Mountain Bear tag up at the Western Conservation and Hunting Expo this year, he contacted me to tag along and film his hunt and decided to use Wade Hollerman of Pine Valley Outfitters as his houndsman. Check out our hunt, I think you will...
  19. Big game
    I drew my Archery Elk Tag for the La Sal Mountains. I am getting geared up for my first scouting trip here in a couple weeks. Its been a number of years since I was last down there deer hunting but never been there for elk. What do people think of the Unit for Elk? I know there is a lot of...
1-19 of 49 Results