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  1. Big game
    Okay friends, I hate to do it because I see how other similar posts are received on here but here goes nothing. My wife and I just relocated from Florida to Layton. The past month or so I have been pouring through the hunting regs and wearing out me OnX app, needless to say I am more confused...
  2. Big game
    Can somebody update me on buck deer hunting in Utah? I have been away for 36 years and just now returning again. Last time I went backpacking around Provo 36 years ago there were monster bucks at higher elevations with doe's crowding the watersheds down below. I know there has been an...
  3. Big game
    For the first time ever, I drew an antlerless permit for the Wasatch in Park City where I reside, and I'm trying to find a private landowner who might offer permission for a competent lady hunter to harvest a cow elk this season. Also, can anyone offer advice for access on this unit?
  4. Big game
    Hello my fellow citizen mule deer hunters! I didn't draw out for my first choice this year, which was the rifle Central/San Rafael, but I did draw out for the muzzle loader Wasatch West and was hoping to get some info from someone who prefers to hike a lot. I like to get off the grid and...
1-4 of 4 Results