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1 year old Lab for Sale

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I am in a situation where we are needing to sell our house and rent for a while. I am going to have to get down to one or two dogs.

So while it hurts to do this, Spooner is for sale.


Pedigree. http://www.perfectpedigrees.com/4genview.php?id=420 I have all the paperwork for you to register him AKC. So you could give his titled name anything you like.

He is collar conditioned. Will sit to whistle most of the time. Very birdy. Likes to retrieve but not to hand. Needs to be force broke to retrieve. Great around kids. Full of desire. One heck of a water dog. Ready to be finished up for this fall.

Call Rob 801-725-5045

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I've got the ok to get another dog Rob, but I don't know if the wife will let me have one right now while we're trying to move..... that stinks that you're having to sell off dogs. I feel for ya man.... hopefully Spooner is like Cowboy and winds up with somebody that will treat him right and get him on plenty of birds.
Man that sucks sorry you have to get rid of him that would be tough.
More and more it's looking like I'll keep him. I had a chance to sell him several times to some non-hunting homes from my KSL ad. There was one guy who I would have let Spooner go to, but he decided to get a pup instead. He's still for sale, but only to the right hunting home.
You know when we were looking to rent we just told the owners that our dogs were like our children and there was no way we were getting rid of them. They rented to us anyway with just a small pet deposit. So you may want to try that route. He sure is a good looking dog.
I still have Spooner for sale. I have turned down a few homes where he wouldn't be hunted. He really needs a hunting home. Although he'll make a great pet too, he has too much potential to waste it.
if i had the money i would take him it would be great to have a bird dog
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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