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I don't frequent forums much anymore but was looking through the Utah Wildlife net tonight and thought I would share this pic and post I made from my early rifle LE hunt. I was super fortunate to come across this very cool bull opening morning. I was also very fortunate to harvest him from a spot I could look around and be reminded of so many things. Here is the post...

This bull fell in a spot I could look around and do a lot of reminiscing. You can see far and wide at 10,400 feet.

To the west just 200 yards away, I assisted in field butchering and packing out my cousins bull a few years ago. This same cousin and I packed my bull out along the same path back to our camp.

Further south I could see where I watched another cousin arrow his first big bull. One of many firsts after a lifetime of hunting together.

In a valley between these two spots I could see stream, range, and forest habitat restoration projects I’ve been able to play a role in for the conservation of clean air, water, soil, wildlife, and rural culture and rural economies. All things I value much.

Southwest on the horizon under a ledge I could see a spot I had a trail camera a few years ago and photographed one of the most unique bulls I’d ever seen. A few miles below those ledges I could see some meadows a landowner, myself, conservation partners, and others seeded with grasses and flowers to better feed wildlife and livestock.

This same landowner donated a tag to a terminally ill young lady and she killed that unique bull I photographed several miles away in the same meadows we restored for wildlife. She was pretty excited when I sent her the trail cam pics. She’s no longer here, but lingers like all memories do when something feels familiar.

I’d never hiked to this spot before I did this day to fetch my bull. After looking around, it felt familiar. I was a little bit in awe to be reminded of so many things that’ve happened in a spot I’d never been to.

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