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Finally got a chance to go out hunting this season. We made it up on the mountain on Thursday afternoon and set up camp with high hopes. We went out on the evening hunt to find out a previously closed forest service road had been reopened. We had done plenty of preseason scouting, not sure if we didn't notice it or it was just recently opened. It looked like I-15 running through the middle of our prized hunting grounds. The first day all we saw was does and one little spike.
We kept at it and my buddy got into some elk on the morning of day 2 my buddy got into some elk. He had several within about 50 yards but just couldn't get a shot, one decent bull in the group. That evening we went back to the area together, we saw one cow but there was sign everywhere.
Day 3 we decided to go watch an area I knew had water, as I slowly crept into my spot I saw a 2 point feeding. I got within 68 yards of him and he busted me. I set up for a long sit and saw another 2 point, this one a little bigger. I waited for him to come my way, when he went another route I decided to put a sneak on him. I got to within 120 yards and got busted again, dry pine needles and unpredictable winds.
With about 15 minutes of shooting light left I decided to watch a large open area. I immediately spotted several deer feeding towards a water hole about 500 yards away, the group had several bucks with one really nice 4 point. I ditched my pack and started to move trying to keep the sparse trees between me and the deer. At 225 yards I reached the last of the trees between me and the deer, I peeked around the trees and the bucks were already looking right at me. Busted again!!
I had a great time with a great friend in the woods chasing smart, wary animals. I look forward to my annual elk hunting trip to the Uintas this week with my brother. Looks like deer tag soup for me this year, two years in a row.
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