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2007 Utah Deer

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Due to early success on a couple of other hunts this year, I had some extra vacation time and thus decided to take Friday off to go look for a deer. In the first thirty minutes of light I sotted two good bucks on top of the mountain I was glassing and I decided to go after them. What I expected to be a 20 minute hike quickly turned into an hour and a half...the mountain these deer were on top of turned out to be bigger and steeper than I originally thought. Finally I reached the top and eased over the ridge to find nothing but an empty hillside. After picking apart the mountain below me and finding nothing, I evalutated my food/water situtation and decided to I had enough in my pack to spend the rest of the day away from the truck. That evening left me watching the same bowl to only reveal a few does at last light.

Saturday morning came really early, so I decided to take it easy and glass the same hill to try to get some better bearings on what these deer were doing in the mornings. However, I found myself once again looking at an empty mountain. Saturday evening I decided to take a different approach to the hill and, after about a 45 minute hike, I was glassing half a dozen does, a small forked-horn, and one of the two four-points from the previous morning. My approach this evening had set me up for a much better ambush. I worked my way to a spot on the ridge that gave me a good place to shoot from and setup for the shot. After ranging the deer at 242 yards, I waited for about 10 minutes for the right shot oppurtunity to present itself. Finally the buck gave me a slightly quarting away shot. I leveled my gun on the deer, split the crosshair and my 300 yard mark right behind the front shoulder, and slowly squeezed the trigger to a CLICK! My gun had missfired! I racked another shell into the chamber, leveled the gun on the buck again, and pulled the trigger...this time to a loud bang/thump. I instantly knew I had hit the deer and expected him to drop. However, he jumped and headed straight for the quakies. I dropped my gun and put my binos up just in time to see him disappear into the trees.

I worked my way over to where the deer had been standing when I shot him and started searching for a blood trail, but with light fading I found nothing. I finally decided to work my way into the quakies where he disappeared to see if I could spot him. If I didn't find him quickly I was planning on bringing reinforcements back with me in the morning. About 80 yards from where I shot him I found him laying dead. My bullet had struck true entering right behind the left shoulder and exiting through the front of the right shoulder.[attachment=0:3uv0d3qe]Email 3.jpg[/attachment:3uv0d3qe]
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Wow... thats a great deer!! Does he have broken tines on the right side or something/? Or is that just the camera angle? Very nice buck though... congratulations. :D
:shock: that thing is wide. congrats on a realy nice buck there. how wide and tall is he ?nice job.
Does he have broken tines on the right side or something/?
Yeah, I forgot to mention that he's got two broken tines on his right side. He's missing almost all of his G2 and about 3" of his G4.

that thing is wide. congrats on a realy nice buck there. how wide and tall is he ?nice job.
He's 18" wide. I haven't taken a height measurement.
He's 18" wide. I haven't taken a height measurement.dang he looks wide thern that.
He looks huge from that picture. He really is 18" wide? He looks much wider than that
Congrats on the buck.

18" is about right, look at his ears, I would have guessed no bigger than 20". None the less
congrats on the buck.
Nice work, you should change your name to riflemanben.
Good looking deer. The broken tines add a lot of character! :wink:
Nice work, you should change your name to riflemanben.
No, I'm still an archer/bowhunter at heart. I've taken two animals with a bow this year also. I bought my first rifle in January and this is my first rifle deer tag I have ever had in 14 years of big game hunting (I decided to join the dedicated hunter program this year). Taking an animal with a rifle is fun, but it doesn't carry the same excitement as taking an animal with a bow. In fact, I got a much bigger rush taking a cow elk with my bow in September than I did this buck.
So you are saying your Bi? :lol: Archery is the only way to go, that a kid!
So you are saying your Bi?
No, not Bi, rather Try...as in I'll Try anything once.
Nice buck man!! Congrats
HOGAN said:
So you are saying your Bi? :lol: Archery is the only way to go, that a kid!
I have to say one thing and that is you learned from the best on how to take a photo. I thought that he was not near as big as he appeared but even at that, I thought him to be 22". It used to be the arms extended as far as possible but the "settle the animal in place and stand 30 yards behind him" method seems to be the best. ha ha Seriously, nice job on the buckie.
As far as hunting with a rifle, there is NO shame in that. I love hunting! I can have a great time sneaking in on critters, no matter what I am shooting. I absolutely love bow hunting. The thrill of the stalk, the amount of big animals that you see etc... I also love muzzle and rifle. There isn't anything much more exciting for me than watching a yodle dog come running in and then drop like a ton of bricks when the crack of the 22-250 sounds the sky. Give me a stick with a point and a river full of fish and I could be entertained all day. I am getting giddy just thinking of getting back out doors. Not to steal a line but "You gotta love it Baby!!!"
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