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2013 General Turkey Hunt Review

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I spent TONZ of time in the bush this season. We found a couple birds but they were in Urban non hunting areas. Where should we go next year. We went to Middle canyon, Oak City, Hobble Creek, Payson, Spanish Fork. Maybe go south? I think that I should have come across alot more birds for the amount of time I spent out there. The link below is some footage of my time out there.
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I also hesitated posting in fear of being rude, but really UH678 u need to go back to basics, read about hunting Turkeys.

Video was great, glad u got the kids involved

First thing:
Throw away the camera, turkeys will spot u every time.
Sorry but the mouth call got to go, or more practice maybe.
Next the blind, only use if u have scouted and know where there going to be.
Decoys suspect later in the hunt, rarely do I use, but do work in the right conditions.

Find there rooost from a distance
Be up aleast an hour before they r, and set up, be invisible, no talking
Set up above or even with no barriers like creeks, gullies etc...
They will fly a distance to an opening or an open meadow.

Let them gobble on there own if u know their there, then only give a soft tree yelp to see if they know ur there, if they answer give no more, listen for them to hit the ground, then only give 3-4 soft yelps ( I mean soft) Like in the bedroom, if they answer no more. The more they gobble only brings other hens to them.

I like to make them nervous and let them gobble back to me, like I left.

Be ready gun up ready to fire, they will spot u, and at times u never know they did, they will come silent.

I also walk away calling to get them to follow if hung up.

As for birds , this season was great, we kilt 4 mature birds and called in 5 matures and 5 jakes the first day, then in May only got better....Southern Utah is all I'll say

If all this doesn't work they I resort to multiple calls, spit & drum, purrs, fighting purrs early in the season and so on.

And the best advice, go back out there at noon where u heard them and set up again, alot of times hens move to their nest and the gobblers are alone in the area.

Just a bit of info to share, I shot my first bird in Utah 1985, been hunting ghost birds since.

Last years video, those turkeys where on to us, we were lucky, Listen to there calls

Good luck next year, be glad to help out, give me a PM next spring
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OK, JMHO, but, Just flat out seeing less turkeys during the 2013 season
WAY bigger issue than That calling will ever be!
Jakes will come to those calls anyday.........Just shows a lack of birds IMHO.

And another thing, I'm hearing the general season ticket (tag) sales dropped again!
Were in the 3K sales for geneal turkey now, Raising eyebrows at the DWR sales officce BIGTIME!.
Good, maybe they will give those that know how to hunt them a second tag
Utah birds are no longer barnyard Turkeys, well some on private property still pretty stupid

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