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2013 General Turkey Hunt Review

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I spent TONZ of time in the bush this season. We found a couple birds but they were in Urban non hunting areas. Where should we go next year. We went to Middle canyon, Oak City, Hobble Creek, Payson, Spanish Fork. Maybe go south? I think that I should have come across alot more birds for the amount of time I spent out there. The link below is some footage of my time out there.
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OK, JMHO, but, Just flat out seeing less turkeys during the 2013 season
WAY bigger issue than That calling will ever be!
Jakes will come to those calls anyday.........Just shows a lack of birds IMHO.

And another thing, I'm hearing the general season ticket (tag) sales dropped again!
Were in the 3K sales for geneal turkey now, Raising eyebrows at the DWR sales officce BIGTIME!.
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