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2013 General Turkey Hunt Review

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I spent TONZ of time in the bush this season. We found a couple birds but they were in Urban non hunting areas. Where should we go next year. We went to Middle canyon, Oak City, Hobble Creek, Payson, Spanish Fork. Maybe go south? I think that I should have come across alot more birds for the amount of time I spent out there. The link below is some footage of my time out there.
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That is a nice video, I'm sure it will be something you'll watch many years from now and enjoy with your kids.

I'm also no turkey expert, however, I've been hunting them for about 7 years now and spent a lot of time in the field and have figured a few things out. I don't know how to say it nice, so I'll just say it, you could use some work on your calling. I would suggest getting a box call or a pot call and working it over. With the right cadence, I think they are easier to get good turkey sounds than most mouth calls. Most general season birds have been called to death, they've heard it all. They only get a little bit of calling, I may yelp to find a bird then it is only soft clucks and purrs and cackles when I get desperate. My experience is loud frequent yelps send birds the other way. In high pressure areas, sometimes don't call at all, setup where they are going to be and wait for them.

Nothing wrong with getting skunked on the GS turkey, only about 1 in 4 people fill a tag, it is a tough hunt and takes persistence and luck to fill a tag. I helped 3 other guys this year after taking my birds and all of them had tag soup, of course, they only went out a couple times. We've seen GS tags fall from 10K to around 4K tags, it is not for everybody. Like you said, out hunting is better than staying home.
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