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2015 Puddle Valley Pronghorn

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Hi everyone, I had been using the forum looking for tips on the Puddle Valley limited entry pronghorn hunt earlier this year. Thought I'd share a pic of the buck I wound up shooting. Lots of width and mass but not much curl, scored roughly 75".


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Wow, that's a dandy. Thanks for posting.

I'm from the Southwest Wyoming part of Utah. Where's Puddle Valley?

Puddle Valley is a smaller unit. It is bordered on the east by the western shore of the Great Salt Lake, southern border is I-80, and the western/northern boundary is the Air Force bombing range. It's pretty cool to be hunting and hear some jets rumble by and drop their ordinance over the hill.
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Congrats. Pretty sure I've seen this buck while working out there over the summer. Great buck, fun area. Did you get any flat tires .-------SS
No flats luckily. Didn't even have to stray off of the main roads for this guy. Found him on the lakeside part of the unit.
I think you shot one of the better bucks on the unit.
Awesome buck!! Looks bigger than 75" in that picture.
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