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2020 Bison

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I was fortunate to draw a Wild Horse Bench hunters choice tag. Dates were from Dec 7 2020 to Jan. 31, 2021. For some reason I wasn’t too excited about it all, I guess I was worried about needing help and my age. (Old)
I was also told not to worry about the hunt till the last of this season as the buff wouldn’t be there anyway.
Around Christmas / New Years ‘we’ started making trips out there. Vast country! But loaded with canyons, hills, valleys, box canyons. All the normal hunting country.
We saw no sign of buff, birds, deer, elk, nothing! Glassed everything that looked like it would hold a trail. NADA
Heard rumors of two or three buff down ‘over there’, hunters were crossing the frozen Green to get over there, no thanks.
Around Jan 8th my wife got COVID, big time! Since she was under quarantine, so was I.
I had to stay with her, do what I could to help out. Cook tomato soup everyday, it’s all she could handle. At this time I tested positive for COVID, no symptoms!
Calling the DWR I asked if i could give my tag to a friend or brother. It was determined that I had pretty much used most of the time up on this permit anyhow. No way did I want or expect money back, the hunt was way over 1/2 done.
I did appreciate their support and concerns with the COVID issue. Especially Amy, she’s a good person.
Jan. 30th my wife tested negative, I tested barely negative (?)
Jan. 31st towing the RZR, my brother and 2 rifles hit the road. We went everywhere! He knew the country, he had seen elk here, buff there. Learning what a RZR could do , except one thing, that 15 mph seatbelt rule. 😀
Recalling all this now because I remember it when the draws come up! But guess what? No buff. They never did come to the area we were in. Still a good memory, glad I might have had a chance to nail one.
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Lol, where is the edit button?
Lol, where is the edit button?
Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner.
Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner.
Thanks, some dip wad was making fun of my spelling. 😀
Even with no buff, share some pics? Always nice to see new country through someone else's eyes.
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