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.30-06 with Vihtavuori

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I've been playing with some different powders for my A-bolt Medallion chambered in .30-06. In the past, the rifle has preferred IMR 4350 over the other powders I've fed it. Bullet of choice has been 190gr Berger VLD-hunting.

I've never used any Vihtavuori product in loading any caliber, but I had heard good things so I grabbed a bottle of N160. I was almost hesitant to try it, lest I come up with a great load and then have it be months before more came back in stock. Not sure if it's just me, but it seems like Vihta shows up on shelves far less frequently than the other brands.

I got distracted by a .22 wildcat I was making, but when I opened up my cabinet and saw that full bottle staring at me I decided it was time to try some. I loaded up five rounds at 53gr (Can't recall COL or any other measurements of the top of my head, so I can't recommend using this load), and took them out with 7-8 other test loads of different powders. First three shots were good by my standards, three holes touching. After those, the wind picked up some and the last two rounds stretched the group out a little. I plan on tweaking charge weight and maybe adjusting seating depth, but the rifle seems to consistently prefer a bullet 0.020" off the lands. Distance was 100 yds, temp was about 80F, firing was at a slight incline which accounts for the lower POI. One thing to note, The target was taped on sloppily and the score rings were not level. The group of three sat directly below center when the tilted target was still in place. I should've taken the picture differently to reflect this. Overall, I think it performed well. Anyone else had any luck using Vihta powders?


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