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440" Bull......is it true??

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I have heard rumors of a 440" bull being taken in Utah? Anyone have confrimation or pictures yet? I hear Doyle was the guide so I am sure we will not see any pics for a while? Anyone know for sure??? :shock: :shock:
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It could be true, after all I did see this bull over the weekend. *()*

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Looks like he saw you too. Great pic.
thats a nice pic and a nice looking bull. thank for sharing the pic. I have not heard anything about the new state bull.
I think it would be sweet if it was a DIY hunt in the backcountry somewhere.... of course, guided or not, thats a real pig of a bull..... 8)
Heres the low down,

Helicopters Strawberry roads being blocked facts Sportsmens tag holder 440 Pahvant 15 to 20 Mossback 420 pushing elk Sportsmens tag holder already filled tag archery rumors rifle. Any questions?

I guess it is time for a "my brother's girlfriend's aunt's nephew's cousin talked to a guy who said his neighbor's dad's mechanic told him....." story!

If it is true, I'm sure confirmation will come shortly. It is hard to hide a 440 bull forever.
I not only heard the rumor, but was told it was on display in Richfield last night. Supposedly, the animal was taken by an archery hunter yesterday off the Pahvant unit and is unofficially a new world record.
What about the one from the Books last year. Did they ever find a hole in its ear from a tag? Did any thing ever come from it? There has NEVER been a bull even remotely close to that size come off from the books. No one had seen that bull before it was killed but suposidly the guide service that killed it. It smells way too fishy to me.

disclaimer: I have been wrong before so if any of my facts are not strait, then blame it on me. :oops: *()*
I'm hearing that it is legit...although Mossback hasn't put it on their site yet. Supposedly killed aboved holden (Pahvant). It is a 6x7, the extra being a brow tine. It is supposed to score 443 gross and high 430's net...so it wouldn't be a world record.
I have seen this bull a lot and I know that they were still chasing it up and down roads last weekend. Yesterday morning I had to go bury my black lab up on the mountain :cry: and saw that they had killed a bull. I'm guessing it is the same one. It was all the same people that were in the trucks last weekend. I guessed this bull when he was alive at about 420-430. Guessing by the army that was around it after the kill it had to be this bull.
We are waiting and watching for a picture. I've got to see this to belive it. :shock: :shock:
I have a friend down in Richfeild he saw this bull at the "viewing" true story. I really could care less! *()*
I have seen the pics, can't find a link to post but this thing is a monster
I just got a picture on my phone today. I cant get it off of my phone, but it is a complete STUD!!!!!!!!!!! Its front end is unreal!!!!!!!! *()* *()* *()* *()* *()*
Hurry check it out this pic wont last long it has been deleted 3 times already.

http://www.monstermuleys.info/dcforum/D ... /8270.html
Lets see if they delete it here
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