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7 reason's to ditch work!

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well, I think my 4-10's schedule may be over for the rest of the year as it continues to get darker earlier. We'll see.

I was glad to get off work early to go lay the smack down on some Mallards!
Evening shoot! set up by 3:20 done by 5:05. birds worked well.


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Sweet man! I think for the sake of people south of you in the flyway, you need to stay at work longer!:)
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I think I saw you driving south on the dike heading out today. I was trying to get in so I meet up with you. Maybe next time.
where you in a boat burning towards the dike across the big water? heading east to west?
Ya that was me and my boys headed back in. I have the white Dodge that was there at the launch.
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