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A great day with the dogs.

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I decided to go out and try calling some coyotes in this weekend, and wow I actually did. I got this first guy on the way out.

After making it to my spot, I called for about 10 minutes when suddenly a coyote popped out 25 yrds away on a full tear right at me. I don't know who was more scared, him or me. After my slight heart attack went away I ripped some shots at him but never connected. He was only 50 yrds away the first shot, but man those things can fly. I called another one into 200 yards but he knew something was up and I only had a 2x scope on the ar. so I decided not to take the shot. I will be putting a better scope on this week.

No laughing at the camo I used a blind. :lol:
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Good for you fixedblade !!!! That's some good calling...you must be pretty good... 8) 8)

Last saturday we saw something running that was bigger than a coyote, he didn't run or look like a dog, I bet he was running close to 25 mph and he was very dark in color. What do ya think that was ??
As a matter of fact, he kind of looked like this....

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Looks like a ****er spaniel. Or it could have been my secret weapon I use while coyote hunting. I use a live decoy very similar to that picture you posted .45. It drives those teritorial little buggers crazy.
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