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I got a phone call last night from my Captian that a very good friend of mine had been involved in a gun range accident last night. He was putting on a demonstration for other law enforcement agencies from all over the country out in Pennsylvania.

The details are fuzzy at this time, but it sounds as if the gun was jamming or jammed and while trying to clear it, it went off fatally wounding him in the head. I am sure that you all are thinking the same thing I did and still do... "In the head? How do you get shot accidentially in the head?" That is irrelevant. He was a retired military man, had seen action in 2 seperate campaigns and a 15 year Police vet and range instructor. In all accounts he could be considered a expert in gun safety. If it can happen to him it could happen to anyone.

This time of year everyone is getting that itchy trigger finger and out practicing and sighting in weapons, please don't forget the number one rule.... SAFETY!! Hell I don't want to ever get another phone call like that again, I am still sick to my stomach
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