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Dear Fred,

Well, about this time of the year I usually take a moment to write a few letters to my good friends, the time when I remember all the good things, and indulge myself to the extent of getting a little sentimental.

It's a blustery evening, but here in my den it's cozy and comfortable. I'm sitting before a nice open fire with my typewriter, sort of half listening to the radio and slowly sipping a nice, very dry double martini. I only wish you were here, but since you are not, the least I can do is to toast your health and happiness, so time out, old pal -- while I bend my elbow to you.

I just took time out to mix another martinin and while I was out in the kitchen I thought of all the time I would waste this evening if I wnet out to mix another drink every oknce in a while, so I made up a big putcher of martinies and brought it back with me so I'd havr it right here besidme and woudnit hav to wast time makin more of them. So now I'm all set and her goes. Besides marinis are agreat drink. Floor som reasonthey neverseem to affeat me in the slightest. Dan drink thrm all day long. So here does..... Good healthe.

the greatest think thw vkld is friendship. Andbelieve me pal you are the greatsts apl enybudy everhad. So; you remembre all the sewll times we ha toguther Bal::;;. The wondderful campin trisp. I'll never fofget the tiem yoi put the dread skunnk in my sleeping bag. ha ha. Boy how we laugherddinn we. Never did get the sink out of it. Bit it was prety funnya anywasyh. I stilll laught abuct it onec in ashole.

No az muhc as i use to...but waht the heke & afterall yuo stell be bestf old pal. andif a ayu ca'nt have a laughg on a good tren one in a whiel whta heck.

Dam potcher is impty so i yust wenoutand xa de anohterone and I sure swich you weer herol pol to help me drank these Martnininis because the y are sippl deiluccious# Parn me wile I lif my flass to yougoon healath onceroe becaus youare the besta pal i get. of caurs why a pal woud do a dirth thinb lick pxyting a skunk in a nother pals sleeping bagg I;m dam if I know. they was a lousy thing fro enybody, todo and only a first clas hass woul did it. Wasnc adm bit funney. Stil stinks. And if you thinkmkits funey your a drity lous anded fare as im concrended you cango plum to heill and stya there you dirth lous. To hel with ouy.

Good nightt
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