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A little last minute help

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Hey there folks. I'm new to this forum, but I posted on the old DWR forum.

I feel a bit foolish, but here goes.

My father and I have general rifle any bull tags. We had an arrangement with a southern land-owner who has now backed out at the last minute (when I say last minute, I mean yesterday). We have been spoiled by this access, and now we're stuck without a clue. It stinks, but there's nothing to do about it now other than try to scramble. We'd prefer to be in any-bull units (rather than spike). I don't expect any honey holes (far from it); you've worked all summer to get ready and I would never want to take away from that. But any help as far as areas or general tips and help would be great. Anywhere in the state is fine at this point. (Seriously, you don't even have to give roads or anything, just a general mountainous area, lol) Please try to keep the ridicule to a minimum, I am very aware that this method is frowned upon. I now throw myself on the mercy of the board...

Please feel free to PM or call me if you are willing to help. 801-560-8745. We were hoping to scout a bit tomorrow. I am more than willing to contribute meat/a little $ to helpers.

Thanks in advance, I hope everyone does well this coming weekend!

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