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I thought Seinfeld junkies might appreciate the title.

Three of us went out this morning to hunt some private land around Springville. Just a couple of ditchbanks and no birds. We then decided to drive around and see if we could find any public ground to walk. As luck would have it we found a field that wasn't posted nor cultivated, that had a rooster and two hens sitting in it. We put the dogs on the ground to see if we could get the rooster up. The two labs got birdy and started to track him down a little ditch, at the end of the field he flushed up right in front of me. I pulled up, put my bead on him and pulled the trigger, nothing happened. For some reason the gun didn't fire. I sat there in horror as the rooster flew away. One of my buddies shot and peppered him but he didn't go down. In a last ditch effort I ejected the shell and fired at what I estimate to be 70 yards. To my suprise I knocked him down and Griffey made a decent retrieve. We hunted the rest of the field and got up the 2 hens, but no more roosters.

We decided to keep driving and found some more public ground. Had a couple of birds fly out in front of us. A few minutes later the brittany pinned a rooster, however he made it out unscathed.

Some may think the pheastivus miracle was the 70 yard shot, but it is that we saw 2 roosters in Utah County.
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