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A Western Dove Hunt

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Been so busy this fall I'm just now getting around to P.E.'s

Here's one from the Dove opener, which I spent with some great friends.

We headed out the eve before to set up camp. Dinner greeted us with elk tenderloin steaks and potatoes.

The morning came bright and early and the sounds of distant shotguns rang in the cool morning air.

We soon had birds buzzing us from all directions and a family friend Tyson was able to down his first Mourning Dove. Do you remember yours?

After taking half a dozen doves or so a break was in order. A hearty (albeit unhealthy) breakfast of bacon and eggs.

The CZ double gun works fine for dove as well.

Forgot our decoys in the rush of the seasons first hunt…but we made do. We call him the "mo-fo" dove. He worked like a charm.

If you find them they will come…

A fitting sunset to a wonderful first hunt.

I hope to have many more in the future.

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nicer pictures as always there, Zim ...you could of had dove and eggs *()*
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