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Additional Member to the "hen restraint" club

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I also posted this note on another thread. Brand new onto the network. I'm going two hours north of Edmonton next wednesday the 24th of oct and will make sure that the group also uses restraint. $10 per hen and we'll send it into UWA. Can somebody tell me a bit more about UWA?

Add BigCanadaJon to the list of Utah no-hen hunting as well, except teal hens
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I am not a spokes person in any way for the Utah waterfowl association. I am sure one of their board members can explain what they do better than I.

The VR is just about Duck ID and saving an extra hen or two for the next nesting season. As a side bennefit we raise a buck or two. So it is win/win in my eyes. The money generated from this VR deal goes to a UWA local nesting project.

I will get you added to the list and thank you for the support.

Have a safe trip.

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