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Advice, Wasatch/Currant Creek

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My Father-in-law and I drew out for the Wasatch/Currant Creek Avintequin rifle deer hunt this year. Typically we have hunted the Strawberry area before. We've heard reports of limited deer in this area and not very many bucks being spotted. Any ideas about where else may yield some more bucks?
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I think your biggest problem is relying on what you are 'hearing'. Jump in the truck and I think you will be surprised at what you will be 'seeing'. I have seen lots of deer and a bumper crop of young bucks.......even around Strawberry.-------SS
This^^^ get out and put some time in like the rest of us. The deer are there. They just need to be found.
Saw a ton of bucks on the Currant Creek side of Hwy 40 while scouting for my elk hunt...good luck!
That unit is in as good of shape as its been in 20+ years. Go put some work in, I have and I'm astounded at the deer in there
I have the same deer tag this year. I have done very little scouting, but have saw plenty of bucks. All the nice deer I have seen are a couple of miles off the road. You shouldn't have a problem seeing deer if you hike away from the roads.
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